Driver’s escape as scaffolding smashes into car 30/09/10


A WOMAN driver had a close shave when a large section of steel scaffolding smashed through her windscreen, narrowly missing her head in Plymouth.

Police said the accident happened on the Callington Road  in Saltash Plymouth at 11am yesterday when they believed a lorry shed its load.

The driver of the green Audi estate, who was not hurt in the crash, was trapped in her car by the scaffolding.

Fire crews from Saltash and Bodmin were called to the scene, and freed her.

They said the steel section of scaffolding had penetrated the windscreen and gone through the driver’s door, narrowly missing her.

Firemen removed the steel section and the driver was then left in the care of West Country Ambulance.

Police said the woman was stopped behind the lorry at traffic lights in Callington road. The scaffolding flew through the Audi’s windscreen as the lorry pulled away from the lights.