The 10 Most Annoying Things Said To A Scaffolder


This is just a small list of the things that people say that annoy the shit out of us..

1. “Can you just move this “pole” for me scaff” ? (it’s a standard 5 lifts up)scaff belt

2.“This ScaffTag is out of date!” (just look at the date on the back of it.. dickhead!)

3.“Can you just bang a bit of a job up there mate?” (the job is about 60′ up or a cantilever drop)

4.“I wouldn’t of done it like that !!”

5.“Your Basing out in a garden and you hear the words”…  “be careful of my flowers!”

6.“I can’t give you that job and knock now!”

7.“Scaffolding is just Meccano for adults it ant that hard” (yer sure it’s not, you try pulling up 21s up 13 lifts on a rope and weel)

8.“just got a 5min job for you lads!” (turns out to be an all daya)

9.”Oi get clipped on!” (your only 5′ off the floor)

10.”Mate do you want these clips”? ( there called fittings… you tit)