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Firm Fined After Woman Is Hit By Scaffold Tube


A SCAFFOLDING company whose employee dropped a scaffolding pole onto a pedestrian, fracturing her collar bone, has been fined £25,000.

In the Royal Court yesterday, Jubilee Scaffolding Company Ltd, who admitted failing to comply with the Health and Safety Law when their staff were dismantling scaffolding on the Esplanade in December 2009, were given two years to pay the fine and were ordered to pay £2,000 costs.

Crown Advocate Sally Sharpe said that when the accident occurred shortly before nine o’clock in the morning, the company had made no arrangements to close off the pavement or segregate the working area from members of the public while the dismantling of the scaffolding took place.

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The company, whose director, Andrew Millington, was in court, was represented by Advocate Philip Livingstone, who said that the company took its health and safety obligations very seriously and that since the accident, they had engaged a new safety consultant to provide more organised and formal training.

The company were very sorry that the woman had been injured and the insurers were dealing with her claim, the Advocate said.

Source : Jersey Evening Post