JMAC Group Terminates All Hire Charges

JMAC Group terminates hire charges

Family-run JMAC Group has announced it’s stopped charging hire across all of its sites during the Coronavirus lockdown

The Teesside based group consisting of JMAC Scaffolding Ltd and JMAC Safety Systems Ltd told its clients last week they had made the decision to terminate hire charges across all of its sites.

JMAC said on its website the firm values its relationships with its clients and they understand the great deal of pressure businesses are under in the current climate.

JMAC Group managing director Luis McCarthy said: “Maintaining Relationships through communication is vital during this period, be it with our clients, employees or suppliers. At JMAC, we are different and like to always put things into perspective, there are a few companies in the industry that think profiteering during a shutdown is okay, with banks, mortgage lenders & local government all providing payment holidays, the very least we can do is follow suit to ensure we protect our clients and the relationships that take such a long time to build. Through compassion to help our fellow man we will come back stronger with those relationships intact.

We will continue to work in the background to ensure that the all the foundations we have built over the years will not only still be there on our return to work, but they will be stronger again through strategic development in key areas of our business and compassion to our fellow tradesmen in the construction and scaffolding industry.”

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