JMAC partners with Ridgeway to create international opportunities


JMAC’s Safety Decking System is now available in Ireland thanks to a strategic partnership with Ridgeway.

JMAC Safety Systems based in Stockton-on-Tees has recently announced a new exciting, strategic partnership with Ridgeway; a distributor of construction products based in Ireland.

The partnership which has been pipeline over the last 12 months will see Ridgeway supply JMAC’s safety decking across Ireland.

“Ridgeway is renowned for providing innovative construction and engineering solutions that save time and add value to the build process. It is this philosophy that sparked chemistry between the two companies during the Covid 19 pandemic”, says JMAC.

“The Covid 19 pandemic has gravely impacted the global economy, emphasising more than ever the need for businesses to create mutually beneficial partnerships to strengthen and solidify both businesses during periods of economic downturn; as well as allowing trade internationally to create a more inclusive, sustainable and resilient global economy.”

Ridgeway, which prides itself on providing the most innovative construction and engineering solutions has recently received their very first delivery of safety decking in Ireland from JMAC Safety Systems.

According to JMAC, Ridgeway did previously stock another well-known safety decking system however they recently decided to partner with JMAC to allow them to offer a more superior system with an extensive product range.


The versatility and strength of the JMAC system was one of the key drivers for this change, as Ridgeway believe the JMAC system is currently best system available on the market today.

JMAC’s safety decking system provides a range of additional components which allow the system to be used in a much wider range of applications.

JMAC said: “Our forward-thinking approach to product development lends itself perfectly to the Ridgeway business philosophy of offering innovative construction and engineering solutions that save time and add value to the build process.

We are looking forward to seeing their relationship with Ridgeway prosper over the coming months and years; expanding their product offering throughout Ireland and beyond.”