PERI partners with JMAC on tunnel project


PERI is currently supplying scaffolding products to fulfil the shoring and access requirements for Tolent on the RoM Dome Tunnel – part of the Woodsmith Mine development. Once complete, the tunnel will be the longest of its kind in the UK.

The project marks the first time PERI and JMAC Scaffolding will be working together. The latter is providing a labour-only service where it will use the PERI UP scaffolding range for the first time to fulfil the erecting and dismantling works.

PERI UP Flex is being used for various applications, from shoring for the tunnel roof to access in the form of an ‘up and over’ tower, which will enable operatives to access the formwork shutters shaping the tunnel walls and roof slab.

PERI engaged JMAC early in the design process to deliver the 61-tonne shoring solution. By working collaboratively, it was possible to incorporate end-user requirements into the design to ensure a seamless build on site.

The compatibility between PERI UP products enabled stair access to be incorporated into the shoring structure. Similarly, the integration of scaffolding and formwork components like GT girders and plywood made it possible to deliver the project requirements and provide the right level of support as the tunnel was constructed.


Aaron Kitson, Group Head of Estimating and Commercial at JMAC said:

“The usability of the PERI UP system was a huge benefit on this project. The staircases were simple to assemble because of the minimal number of components required for the project, making the end-user’s job easier and safer. On a project of this size, it was important to have support around the clock, and PERI went above and beyond to provide the service we needed.”

PERI UP’s high-load bearing capacity reduced the scaffolding material required to support the 1.4m-thick slab. Fewer components also meant that a 2.5m opening could be created, enabling mewps to move freely underneath the shoring structure.

To complement the supply of its scaffolding systems, PERI’s Field Services team made regular visits to the project site. As part of the on-site demonstrations, operatives were shown the system’s key features and how they optimised the build.