35-storey scaffolding demolished by mother nature


This unbelievable video captured by a bystander, shows the actual moment strong winds brought down a huge 35-storey scaffolding structure. The video captured earlier this month shows tubes and boards falling away from the building as winds of 72kmp were reported across Tehran, the capital of Iran. The footage looks to show the entire scaffolding start to move in an upward motion before collapsing...

Pictures: Offshore storm damages scaffolding


Incredible images have emerged of recent offshore storm damage to scaffolding on Shell's Brent Delta Rig. Scaffolding has been left seriously damaged and precariously dangling from Shell’s Brent Delta after storm weather battered the platform. The Delta platform is 300m high – double the height of the London Eye and equal to the height of the Eiffel Tower. A Shell spokesperson said to...

Video: 30ft Mobile scaffolding tower crashes down onto busy street


Video captures the scene as a 30ft mobile scaffolding tower came crashing down in a high street, narrowly missing cars. Last Sunday shop owners and traders in a Winchester High Street dashed to move their cars from the path of a collapsing aluminium mobile tower scaffold. Three dosey contractors who had been clearing out gutters on a shop reportedly proceeded to...

Never moan to a scaffolder


This little beauty has been doing the rounds on social media lately, it had us in stitches.. so true, I had to share.

Who needs a 7.5 ton truck anyway ?


Just a tad overloaded. Image captured by Shane Spencer and posted on our Facebook page showing the resilience of a humble transit pickup. Lets hope they never ventured out onto the open road with this crazy load of 21's.


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