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Scary Indian scaffolding


It is a city famous for its architecture and ancient temples – where construction methods seem to have remained firmly in the past.

This incredible photograph shows the death-defying lengths workmen in the east Indian city of Bhubaneswar are going to in building a new shopping mall.

Each of these 15 workers are seen perched precariously on panels of thin wire mesh, as they pass poles up to each other to put up a scaffold.

As capital of the Orissa state, Bhubaneswar was one of India’s first planned cities and is currently enjoying a mini-boom in the retail industry.

Telecommunications, IT and engineering firms poured into the city in the 1990s – leading to the increase in demand for shopping malls.

Alongside Puri and Konark, the city forms the Swarna Tribhuja (The Golden Triangle) and, with more than 600 religious sites, is nicknamed the Temple City of India.

Bhubaneswar was also the base for England’s cricket team during its series of one day internationals in 2008.

But the team returned home early following the Mumbai terrorist attacks when gunmen stormed hotels in the city.

Via: www.dailymail.co.uk