Could more apprentices be the answer to the skills shortage?

Could more apprentices be the answer to the skills shortage?

The construction industry is experiencing a skills shortage and unsurprisingly industry leaders are concerned. The problem isn’t new but it has been exacerbated in recent years by a number of factors. Primarily Brexit and an ageing workforce in the industry. A large proportion of British born construction workers are nearing retirement age (three in 10 British-born construction workers are over...

Cracking The SYSTEM


As tech powers on, we ask ourselves, where is it going to fit into the scaffold world? Of course, we understand the role it takes in the pre-tendering/pre-planning of our work, in transport and communication, but where is the future for our operatives? What’s the application to the practical world of scaffolding? System scaffolding is now so widely used in...

Opinion: CISRS Mandatory CPD Course


Our new industry blogger Mark Bisset gives his opinion on the recent announcement of the mandatory CPD course from CISRS. The latest hot topic within the UK scaffolding industry, is the planned introduction of continuing professional development training (CPD). This is for any individual involved in the scaffold industry, renewing or updating their competence levels. Negotiations regarding these changes has been...

A Mixed Message by CISRS Says Industry Insider

Mixed message by CISRS say's industry insider

Safety concerns affecting the Canadian scaffolding industry have been identified in a recent comprehensive study into the practise of mixing modular system scaffolding components. The article published by the Scaffold Industry Association of Canada (SIAC) outlines the risks of mixing Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) components. Meanwhile, here in the UK the CISRS (Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme) are making major...


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