Scaffolding Software Drawing On New Heights


The innovative Avontus software is now building on advanced technology to create a number of exceptional features and improvements. There's little doubt having a competitive edge in the scaffolding industry can be good for business. In fact, it can benefit everyone in terms of safety and efficiency. What's more, it keeps everyone else on their toes as they search for...

SMART Scaffolder launches latest software update for 2019

SMART Estimator 2019

Scaffolding software providers SMART Scaffolder have launched its 2019 SMART Estimator update. SMART Scaffolder are constantly adding new functionality to their design, estimating and TG20:13 compliance software SMART Estimator.Having asked their customers what they would most like developed, the new 2019 release now provides for estimating chimney stacks for the first time! Easily created as a realistic looking 3D model,...

Peri Group Acquires Stake In 3D Printing Company

Peri Group

The Peri Group has bought a 'significant' stake in the Danish 3D Concrete printing specialist COBOD International. Peri, a global maker of formwork and scaffolding systems believes printing will play an important role in the construction industry. The German company will now make COBOD's 3D concrete printers available to their customers worldwide.COBOD International is a newly established sister company of Denmark’s 3D...

SMART Inspector App records over 100,000 inspections for Lyndon Scaffolding

Smart Inspector App

Lyndon Scaffolding Plc has now carried out more than 100,000 scaffold inspections using SMART Scaffolder's SMART Inspector app. Sources say the UK's largest independent scaffolding firm – Lyndon Scaffolding Plc has been using SMART Inspector app since February 2017. Their scaffold inspectors have now carried out more than 100,000 weekly scaffold inspections on sites across the country, from remote Scottish glens,...

Andrew Smith Assumes New Position At Avontus

Andrew Smith Avontus Software

As Avontus Software continues to grow, Andrew Smith has assumed the new role of Vice President of Operations. This change will ensure that Avontus continues to deliver the finest pre- and post-sales support. In his new role Andrew will be responsible for the operational and customer-facing areas of the business globally. “Ensuring our customers have the best user experience...

SMART Scaffolder Launches Upgraded Inspection and Handover Apps

SMART Scaffolder Inspection & Handover App

Developed by CADS, version 4.0 of the ground-breaking scaffolding apps is a major upgrade, the makers say. The new version now has enhanced functionality that allows users to record diary notes, photos, audio and video against a scaffold during the weekly inspection or as part of the handover to a client.The apps also now allow users to download a...

NASC Releases TG20:13 Version 1.3

eguide version 1.3

The National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) has released an update for its TG20:13 eGuide.It's not a major update, it's more of a maintenance upgrade in response to recent changes in the way Google Maps works. The NASC say these changes to Google Maps sometimes caused the eGuide version 1.2 to crash when trying to progress from the wind map...

Layher Catalogues brought to life with Mixed Reality App

Layher App

Global system scaffolding manufacturers Layher have released 'The Layher App' with the added benefit of Mixed Reality. Mixed Reality combines real camera shots with digitally generated scaffolding models. In this process, reality – that means all things that you just see – are supplemented with additional information in the form of 3D scaffolding objects.Available free to download on iOS and...

Fingerprint Drug Testing Set To Transform Drug Screening At Work

Drug Testing

In the past, if a firm in the construction industry, wanted to screen their employees for drug use, they had to use saliva or urine-based testing. These methods were not only time-consuming, but embarrassing and invasive for both the employees and the actual testers.A New Way Of Drug Testing With the next style of drug testing introduced by Intelligent Fingerprinting...

Wood partners up to develop wearable camera tech for oil and gas operations

Wood has developed new camera technology that can stream video and store data from remote work locations including offshore, in partnership with Canadian technology company Librestream Technologies (Librestream). The Onsight Cube is a rugged camera that can be worn on a helmet, chest mount or a mono-pod to access high or difficult-to-reach areas, and connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to a...