Avontus Software Launches Free Trial of Scaffolding Design Program

Avontus Software has announced the launch of a free 28-day trial of its innovative program, Avontus Designer.

Avontus Software has announced the launch of a free 28-day trial of its innovative program, Avontus Designer.

The offering marks a significant milestone for professionals in the scaffolding and industrial services sector, providing an unprecedented opportunity to experience the future of scaffolding design technology.

Avontus Designer is heralded as a game-changer, offering solutions specifically tailored for system scaffolding. The program features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, allowing users to quickly assemble detailed 2D and 3D models.

This cutting-edge approach drastically reduces design time, starkly contrasting the lengthy hours required by traditional manual methods.

Brian Webb, CEO of Avontus Software, highlighted the transformative potential of Avontus Designer: “One of the key features of Avontus Designer is its ability to streamline the scaffolding design process. Access to over 40 manufacturers’ catalogs and an instant bill of materials empowers users to create comprehensive designs with unprecedented speed and accuracy.”

The launch also introduces Avontus Viewer, a complimentary program that lets users explore their scaffolding designs virtually. This feature is designed to provide valuable insights and foster enhanced collaboration among team members.

Further enriching the scaffolding design ecosystem, Avontus Designer integrates seamlessly with Quantify, Avontus Software’s inventory management software. This integration ensures a smooth transition from design to inventory tracking and rental billing, addressing a critical need within the industry.

Moreover, Avontus Designer supports extensive import options, allowing for the integration of designs in formats such as IFC, PDF, AutoCAD, and others. This flexibility guarantees compatibility with a broad array of industry-standard software platforms, thus facilitating efficient communication and collaboration throughout the project lifecycle.

Professionals interested in leveraging this exclusive offer to explore the avant-garde of scaffolding design can sign up for the free 28-day trial at www.avontus.com.

For further information, contact Avontus Software at [email protected] or call +44 0330 380 1349 x2