How to produce a method statement and how does it help you manage risk?

method statement and how does it help you manage risk?

All organisations have a legal requirement to carry out risk assessments on any activities which could have a significant impact on their employees or others who may be affected by their undertakings. Where a company employs five or more staff, it has to be written down.  However, if a company or business employs less than 5 people, having written risk...

How To Make Working At Height Safer

The latest statistics from the HSE reveal that, although falls from height are reducing, they are still one of the most common causes of injuries to employees and account for 29% of fatalities in the workplace. EMPLOYERS should take their responsibilities very seriously, not least because of the risks to a business, but also the number of lost working days...

Union launches alternative Covid-19 site guidance

Unite the union launches alternative site Covid guidance

Unite, the UK’s construction union, has launched an alternative comprehensive construction guide to help ensure the safety of construction workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. The union who were unhappy with the current official Site Operating Procedures (SOP) published by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has launched its own detailed guide. The 30-paged document is far more comprehensive and stringent than the...

NASC AGM: TG20:21 Price Revealed

NASC’s eagerly-anticipated eGuide scaffolding design software update and expansion of TG20:21 will go on sale from March, it has been confirmed.

The NASC has just unveiled the cost of its eagerly-anticipated eGuide scaffolding design software, TG20:21. The new product, which updates and expands on TG20:13, the NASC’s innovative, user-friendly and widely-adopted software, will be available from March 2021 on an annual subscription basis.  Details were revealed by NASC President Lynn way at the NASC’s annual general meeting earlier today that was held...

Temporary Works Forum launches new scaffolding guidance

TWf launches new scaffold guidance

The Temporary Works Forum (TWf) has published new important guidance on the Effective Management of scaffolding to BS 5975: 2019. The 26 paged guidance document which is available as a free download from the TWf (LINK: HERE) applies to organisations and individuals involved in specifying, procuring, designing, constructing and managing scaffolds. It covers all ‘tube and fitting’ scaffolds as well as proprietary...

PASMA guidance aims to protect scaffold tower users from coronavirus

PASMA scaffold tower training course taking place at Kentec Training

New guidance from PASMA is helping managers and health & safety professionals keep scaffold tower users safe during the coronavirus outbreak, whether they're off on a training course or using towers in the workplace. In the new document released free-of-charge to the industry, PASMA offers its advice on the challenges being faced by those responsible for the health and safety of...