NASC Releases Technical Update on Scaffold Baseplates


The National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) has issued a significant technical update to its guidance document TG20:21 to align scaffold baseplate practices with current industry standards. 

The update, released today, reaffirms the critical position of baseplate thickness within scaffolding and access systems across the UK.

The latest technical update, accessible exclusively to NASC members via the trade body’s website, will soon be available on the NASC ePortal. It follows rigorous testing conducted by an accredited centre to ensure adherence to professional standards.

Key highlights of the update include clarification on the appropriate utilisation of baseplates of varying thicknesses, specifically 2mm, 3mm, and 5mm, in different situations. 

This comprehensive guidance is poised to enhance the scaffolding sector’s safety protocols and operational efficiencies.

Industry stakeholders and scaffolding professionals are encouraged to review the updated guidance to remain compliant with best practices and ensure safety in scaffolding and access operations.

NASC members can visit the association’s website for further details and access to the technical update. At the same time, non-members are advised to check for availability on the NASC ePortal in the near future.