Australian Innovator ScaffPlan Recognised Among Global ConTech Leaders


ScaffPlan, the Australian startup renowned for its software solutions transforming the scaffolding industry, has clinched a coveted spot in Cemex Ventures‘ annual compilation of the most promising Construction Technology startups worldwide. 

This prestigious recognition underscores ScaffPlan’s pivotal role in the Contech sector and signifies its emergence as a key player in the global startup landscape.

The inclusion of ScaffPlan in this esteemed list signifies not only the company’s innovative prowess but also its representation of Australian and regional innovation on a global scale. 

With a diverse array of geographies, technologies, and startup maturity levels represented, the list serves as a testament to the vibrancy and dynamism of the construction technology sector.

For ScaffPlan, this accolade marks a significant milestone in its journey of redefining the scaffolding industry through technological innovation, it said in a press release. 

Expressing his pride in ScaffPlan’s achievement, the company’s founder, Simon Boyes, remarked, “To be listed as one of the two Australian companies on Cemex Ventures’ Top 50 Contech Startups 2024 is a source of immense pride for us. This acknowledgment validates our achievements and underscores the impact of innovation within the construction sector. It inspires us to drive positive change and actively contribute to advancing progress and technology in the scaffolding industry.”

ScaffPlan’s innovative solutions have helped revolutionise the scaffolding industry, enabling construction companies to complete projects faster, safer, and more efficiently than ever before. As the construction industry continues to evolve, ScaffPlan remains at the forefront, leading the way with its cutting-edge technologies and forward-thinking approach.

As ScaffPlan and other Contech startups continue to develop innovative solutions that transform the construction industry, the sector is poised to become more efficient, safer, and environmentally friendly.