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Man killed in Kent scaffold collapse

Image of the scaffold collapse via: KentOnline.co.uk


Image of the scaffold collapse via: KentOnline.co.uk

A family is devastated after a man died in a scaffold collapse in Sittingbourne, Kent today.

News sources have reported that the man in his 50s, is believed to have been painting the gable end of a house in the town when the scaffold collapsed.

The man suffered serious head injuries in the accident at a semi-detached house in Chalkwell Road of the town at just after 11am this morning.

Kentonline.co.uk reported: The road was closed by police until around 3pm. Fire crews were also at the scene – removing scaffolding to allow paramedics to treat the man.

An air ambulance had landed, but the paramedics left without taking the victim.

A witness at the scene said: “You can see the scaffolding tower that’s collapsed. You can see the top of it at a jaunty angle underneath the side wall of the house.

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“There’s fresh paint at the apex of the roof. It looks as though the man has been painting the top of the house and for some reason the scaffolding tower has collapsed.

“I saw some completely distraught people on the pavement nearby in an absolute state of bewilderment and crying their eyes out. They were being consoled by the police.”

By Daniel Norton

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