Scaff Step survey for the SCCR


    The SCCR are putting a report together on the use of scaff steps and we need your input.

    1. Does your employer or their customers insist on the scaff step being the only method used on their sites?

    2. What other methods of advanced guard rails do you or your company use and what is your opinion on them?

    3. If you use a scaff step what type is it, does it sit on the guard rail or on the standard, does it have a ladder to the platform or not?

    4. If you use a scaff step do you feel safe using it, do you hemp while standing on the step?

    5. Do you think that the scaff step causes extra strain and fatigue to the body?

    6. Are you happy with hemping over the guard rail, do you consider this dangerous.

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    7. Do you use the scaff step on base lifts, if so how do you manage with uneven ground conditions? 

    8. How are the scaff steps transported from site to site?

    9. Do you consider them dangerous in wet or muddy conditions?

    10. Have you or have you witnessed an accident or near miss due to the use of the scaff step or hemping over the guard rail?

    11. Do you feel that your job is at risk if you complain about using something you consider unsafe or puts extra strain on your body?

    12. Do you think that the SG4:05 traversing rule was adequate?

    All replies will be treated with the strictest of confidence.

    Please reply to 

    [email protected]