Workmen saved from death by “Sausage and Egg Butty” after scaffolding collapsed


Workers demolishing 18 boarded up houses was saved by tucking into there breakfast as the scaffolding they were working on collapsed.

The workers were lucky to be alive after the scaffolding and Monoflex came crashing down to the street below in strong winds.

The collapse happend at 10:25am on Saturday on Wellington Road in Hanley Stoke on Trent. Two parked cars were damaged by the scaffold.

The HSE are now investigating into how this accident happened but one theory is that the wind had pull the scaffold over in 50 mph gusts.

Richard Marson, aged 26, said: “We were five minutes’ late going back out after our breakfast and if we had been on time we could have been killed.

“My sausage and egg butty saved my life.”

Daniel Simpson, aged 19, added: “We were working on the scaffolding just before it collapsed.

“Then we were in the cabin having breakfast and just heard it come crashing down.”

Chris Morrall, aged 19, said: “If this had happened any earlier or later, I would’ve been dead.”

Paramedics were called to Wellington Road, although no-one was injured.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “The workmen had a very lucky escape given the size of the scaffolding.”

The scene of the collapse

Residents of Wellington Road described hearing an ‘almighty bang’ as the scaffolding crashed to the ground.

Dangerous structure officers from Stoke-on-Trent City Council went out to Wellington Road.

A council spokesman said: “Our investigation will look into the causes of the accident. We are grateful that no-one was hit by the scaffolding and no-one was injured.

“You cannot legislate for freak weather. We are satisfied that people acted swiftly and we will monitor the situation.”

Written By Daniel Norton