Layher scaffolding supplies platform for world’s media


To provide television viewing, studio and support facilities for the world’s media at key locations along the route of the British Royal Wedding, Media Structures chose modular scaffolding from Layher Ltd.

The centrepiece of the project was a dedicated media village in Green Park, which is located opposite Buckingham Palace.  Here, a three-storey structure was built using 158t of Layher Allround scaffolding to provide up to 200 broadcast camera viewing points within 22 individual studios.  The rosette coupler, which is at the heart of the Layher design, enabled a 70m long structure to follow a radius footprint with Layher stairtowers also used to provide multi-level access at key points.  Alongside, Media Structures Limited also used the Layher system to create a number of additional studio facilities designed to provide viewing points at ground level.

The scaffolding system was also used in up to 30 camera and commentary positions along the route while at Westminster Abbey, the venue for the marriage ceremony, Media Structures used approximately 100t of Layher equipment to provide the multi-tiered media stand opposite the main entrance.  This design also benefited from the use of transparent Keder sheeting to provide protection in the case of inclement weather.   Additional camera positions were constructed on adjacent rooftops as well as within the Abbey itself – from cleverly disguised locations either side of the entrance door to the triforium viewing position high in the roof area.

Andy Needham, managing director at Media Structures Limited said, “The Royal Wedding project was an overall team effort including, not least, the back-up and support from Layher’s UK office which helped to deliver a successful conclusion. Less than a month was available from start of build to hand over so it was vital that we selected a scaffold system which was versatile, robust, enabled the optimum use of manpower and allowed the wide range of installations to be completed quickly.”

Sean Pike managing director of Layher UK said, “We believe this is an excellent example of the benefits associated with our scaffolding system designs, particularly when compared with conventional tube and fitting alternatives. The latter, we believe, would have needed vastly more equipment, greater manpower and would have put extreme pressure on the time scale involved.  Moreover, factors such as the neat appearance of Layher scaffolding also clearly made a major contribution, given the prestige of the event.”