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Since the Work at Height Regulations 2005 came into force the industry have seen rapid growth of innovative safety products that are collectively improving safety standards.

Over the coming months I will highlight some of these innovations in a series of featured posts.

Safelinx Scaffold Board Retainer

The Ultimate Finish To The Scaffold Platform.


The Safelinx scaffold board retainer is the fastest, most cost effective method of board retention available today.

The unique way in which the unit is installed along the full width of the scaffold platform along the ‘butt joint’ also means that the trip hazards inherent in using traditional timber boards (twisting, warping or movement through use) can not develop over the life of the scaffold.

The added security of the retainer is you can use up to 9mm cable ties to prevent movement due to wind uplift. Feedback from one of their customers in Scotland showed the Mark I Safelinx retainer comfortably survived 60 mph winds, 66 mph gusts (Beaufort scale 10 & 11 out of a possible 12). The Safelinx retainer is now at Mk III.

The product is also manufactured in the U.K. from recycled plastic which makes Safelinx the environmental choice.

The retainer has had successful trials by Construction Management companies such as Longcross, BAM and Morgan Sindall and has left them all with the question, ‘Why are we not using this product everywhere?’

The answer is, ‘We will be.’

Using the product costs less than using the equivalent number of board clips or limpets and can be installed in a fraction of the time, it just takes 20 seconds to install and secure an entire fleet of scaffold boards with a far superior result.

The benefit of using Safelinx, due to the anti trip hazard element leaves the board retainer head and shoulders above the rest.

Now you maybe thinking how would Safelinx cope with warped or slightly damaged boards?… Well answer being, easily! The resultant working platform will be free from the twists, warps and the inherent trip hazards that would have been witnessed without Safelinx.


Another advantage of Safelinx is that the boards cannot easily by removed by other trades which we all see day in day out, propping timber trusses, shuttering for concrete pours etc. which costs the scaffold contractor numerous boards on every job. With the security of the cable ties on the retainer this is a much more difficult procedure.

The virtually seamless platform feels, looks and IS safer, more stable and secure than ever before.

Flynn Design Solutions (the designer of Safelinx) has found that scaffold contractors have been winning contracts in this ‘cut throat’ climate on the strength of using the system.

Health and Safety practitioners are hailing Safelinx as a ‘Best Practice Item’ that will reduce the ‘Slips, Trips & Falls’ statistics within the industry dramatically.

Feedback for the Safelinx Scaffold Board Retainer from Scaffolders, Scaffold Contractors, Tradesmen and Management Companies has been 100% positive for the company.

Alastair O’May of AOM Scaffolding Scotland said:

“I thought they were brilliant, fitted in seconds as opposed to on your knees with limpets they were just pushed on as the boards went down.

What I can tell you from our client feedback is they love them and we have had many pat on the back for actively seeking out new products to improve our jobs. We have no hesitation in continuing using the retainers.”

Safelinx has to been experienced to be fully appreciated. Try it, you won’t look back.

For more information on Safelinx visit or Contact Nick Flynn  Tel: 07538 931188 , Email: [email protected]

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Written By Daniel Norton

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