Kwikstage Arrives!


    CADS are pleased to announce the latest software update of model IT, which now supports the Kwikstage system.

    Kwikstage System Scaffolding
    In model IT 3.1 Kwikstage scaffolding can be used to build independent or birdcage scaffolding. Options are available to build with continuous or single-bay façade bracing, with steel or timber battens, using guard rails or Kwikguard frames. Depending on the modules that you have licensed you can print a Kwikstage material list and drawings, or export drawings to PDF or AutoCAD DXF

    Even more System Scaffolding Support!
    New system staircases have been provided for Cuplok and Kwikstage scaffolding, enabling users to build a Cuplok staircase with 8 or 10 legs or a Kwikstage scaffold with 8 or 12 legs.

    Other New Features
    As with all of our releases many of our customers popular requests have also been added, including new staircases, ladder hatches, deck adaptors, steel toe boards, corner fillers and improvements to the drawings ­ so this release has something for everyone, whether an existing user or not.

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