Oxford parking problems for Scaffolders & Plumbers


Workmen are being driven up the wall by problems getting permission to park near sites they are working in the center of Oxford.

Image courtesy of Oxford Mail

Anthony Burden who is a Plumber and gas heating engineer was told to use park-and-ride buses after being refused exemptins from parking restrictions by staff from NSL who are the contractor which control on-street parking for Oxford county council.

The Plumber who does a lot of work for Oxford University and shops in the center of oxford said:

“Before NSL took over, we had a system everyone understood.

“We could go to the old city council parking shop on a Monday and pay £15 for a permit for the week and they left us alone.

“When NSL first came in, they were very helpful. The dispensations became free and it seemed to be working well but recently we are finding it harder and harder to get them.

“We just do not know where we stand. It has become a lottery. Sometimes you get a dispensation, sometimes not.

“Small businesses need all the help they can get at the moment.

“The Government’s saying that we are vital to getting the economy going again but NSL are not helping us.”

Scaffolder Michael Palmer said: “It just seems to be getting worse and we’re losing money over it. An hour’s pay one day, a day’s pay other times. We don’t mind paying a fee, so long as we know where we stand.”

A council spokesman said: “A request for special dispensation to park in a restricted area can be made by calling 08453 371138.

“When determining whether permission can be given we have to look at the regulations in place, the presence of any other vehicles that may be working in the area, and whether there is any viable alternative for the vehicle to park legally. This involves looking at whether there is off-street parking available close by.

“These criteria have remained unchanged since the council took on responsibility for on-street parking enforcement in 1997.”

NSL said the rules for parking dipensations are a matter for the Oxford county council.

Written By Daniel Norton