NASC withdraws safe height tables for Vol 2 of TG20:08



Due to the impending review of TG20:08 Volume 2, which is necessary following the introduction of the European Wind Code and the publication of BS EN1991-1-4:2005 A1:2010 (European Wind) and the National Annexe to BS EN1991-1-4:2005 A1:2010, all the safe height tables, text and diagrams associated with wind loading covered in TG20:08 Volume 2 are no longer valid and the tables detailed below should not be used, with immediate effect:

Tables being reviewed:

Table 29 – 31 (Pages 154 – 159) Safe heights for Basic independent tied scaffolds fully ledger braced with fully loaded inside boards.

Table 34 – 36 (Pages 165 – 168) Safe heights for Basic independent tied scaffolds part ledger braced.

Tables A1 – A24 (Pages 172 – 219) Appendix A – Tables of maximum safe eight for fully ledger braced Basic Scaffolds

Tables B1 – B12 (Pages 222 – 233) Appendix B – Tables of maximum safe height for part ledger braced Basic Scaffolds with line of ties at alternate lifts.

The NASC are currently reviewing the data associated with the wind load calculations and intend to issue revised data shortly. Until this time the NASC advises all users of TG20:08 – Volume 2 that the safe heights identified in the tables mentioned above will have to be determined from first principles.

For more information please visit the NASC website