Peri System Is Used On Central Bank of Nigeria



Nigerian contractor Julius Berger Nigeria has chosen German scaffolding company Peri to provide the scaffolding and formwork for the construction of a new administrative building for the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in Lagos.

The 100m high-rise structure has been scaffolded with Peri UP and Peri RCS (rail climbing system).

The CBN building is being constructed on Lagos Island in the heart of the financial district. The 21 ­storey structure will provide workspace for around 2000 bank employees. The building tops out with three circular-shaped executive floors complete with a helicopter landing pad on the roof. The building is finished with a facade consisting of aluminium, glass and natural stone.

The close proximity of neighbouring buildings meant that workspace was limited, which is why Julius Berber Nigeria chose Peri’s self-climbing technology and scaffolding.

Formwork engineers combined the Vario GT 24 girder wall formwork with the RCS climbing system to create the climbing formwork units for the building’s main core.

To complete the stonework façade, Peri has mounted scaffolding parallel to the structural work. The Peri UP Rosett Flex modular scaffold was used with the help of Peri CAD software.