Should training centres for scaffolders offer credit ?



    Most scaffolders training courses on average are around £1000, for most people, paying for there own training is on the expensive side. With the current economic downturn the cost of living is on the rise but wages stay the same. To put it simply everybody is skint.

    Should we now see training centres adopt some type of finance package for would-be scaffolders and scaffolders looking to progress in obtaining their Advanced Scaffolder CISRS card ?

    Well,  industry rumours suggest just this, training centres across the country are currently exploring new types of credit schemes as a way of getting more candidates through its doors and more scaffolders progressing up the training ladder. One idea is, training centres could adopt a credit scheme like a student loan, whereby a pre-arranged amount would be taken out of candidates weekly income.

    Currently in the United Kingdom there is 5,500 CISRS Trainee Scaffolders, 15,000 CISRS Basic Scaffolders and only 8,000 CISRS Advanced Scaffolders. Looking at these numbers you can see the large majority of trained scaffolders are not progressing with training to achieve an Advanced Card status.

    Could offering the rumored finance packages change these statistics? I am sure the training centres would hope so….

    If training centres do adopt this type of financial assistance this would undoubtedly be a positive improvement to our industry. But what does need remembering, as one person pointed out to me, is that your employer still has a legal duty & responsibility to train it’s workforce to industry standard. So any credit schemes that do evolve, shouldn’t be used to take that responsibility from them.

    By Daniel Norton

    Would you take on credit for scaffolding training ? It would be interesting to know your thoughts on this, let us know in the comments below.



    1. Went for me basic one card and the instructor got the band and plate wrong way round this is way back in 1991 the other 3muppets I was. With did not notice it was only me I pointed that we need to change so we the band and plate over so we can board the base lift the right way any lets get to the point they give you a ticket no matter how good you are at scaffolding its bull shit on a large scale example joe and bill passed there driving test the same day who’s the the better driver …..scaffold takes a long time to switch on if you do all kinds of scaffold work ie 100 ft plus up in the air differnt shapes of building etc hangers hanging fans beam work the list gos on when scaffold becomes a trade and not just a labourers job as it’s classed then things might change for the better ie I have had a site manager ask me to do a truss out and it’s not safe to do so but he just says the workers are due to start in 2 days time mr site manager it’s not safe to erect the scaffold fed up with people with tickets and site managers that don’t no jack about scaffold work any I will sign off now but have been doning scaffold work now 26 yrs give or take tickets stop thing you have a ticket and everything is fuckendadndy

    2. The government should pay after all they will be collecting tax from scaffolders as far as i’m concerned it’s just another tax on the working man I’m retired but been a scaffolder all my working life but now it’s just crazy in a few more years there will be another scheme and you’ll keep paying and paying You’re being ripped off

    3. Credit is even worse thing to come up with.. its the same but putting people in debt before they got work..
      Thhis moment in time no body shud be given anything credit if they not working.. but still for those who can afford it.. ligitimate work experiance showed with references and histroy

    4. Im finding it difficult 2 get my tickets due to price as iv been doin it for 9 years i went on apprenticeship 6 years ago which wasn’t through cirsis which i got a level 2 nvq with my old firm but cirsis won’t give me a part 2 till i have done my part 1 an 2 with them. Its stoping me from gettin a better job due to i only have a scaffolder labour card. It so frustrating as no firm are interested in putting me through coz they don’t want 2 put there hand in there pockets. If anyone has any good advice it would be welcome.

    5. Spot good bit of advice its stated ‘advanced’ for a reason isn’t it I love the job and waiting that long won’t do any harm its the experience that counts, ill look into it for the future. Thanks pal

    6. U will know wen ur ready m8 I turned it dwn twice and only Jst dun it after 13 years scaffolding coz wnted to be sure on all aspects think u shud b 100% on wot ur doin my opinion only

    7. I payed for my part 1 and 2 and had two take the time off as hoilday sucks but I wanted two move on . I have been scaffolding for 14 years now and would love two do my advanced course but have not got the money two fund it . I think its a great idea but I agree with the orther lads u need at least 6 years with a part 2 ticket

    8. I’ve recently just qualified as a part 2 it has taken me 2 years and I’ve been in the trade for only 3 years started at 16 ill be 19 next month is it a good idea to go for my advanced or is experience a preferred method before doing it?

    9. The caveat should be a current employment posting or historical evidence of the above. Relevant work based evidence and an minimum time period should be served much as today. The idea of credit for learning is an excellent proposition.

    10. Iv just landed in Perth and its costing me 1500 quid to do a 2 day corse to transfer my tickets over.if u hav the money u can be advanced within 2 weeks over here.iv bin on the spanner for 11 yrs in the north sea for 1 ov them.

    11. If your not working then you shudnt be aloud a part 1 ticket to get a job offer.
      Ive worked wi lads who have come stright off there part 1 and then ask me what a swivel is……. makes my piss boil. Thats when i send em for a long stand so i can get more done …
      Its only last 5 year its gone down hill.

    12. This is asking for a carry on! They should only be accepted if they are currently working for a company. We are a trade not some Micky mouse ticket that you can buy your way into! I had to work my arse off to get my tickets why should people be able to just walk into my trade! [Lloyd]

      • I run a scaffold training centre and try as much as i can to help the lads with paying, like giving them a bit of time etc, we are not a licenced credit agent so we cant oficially give credit terms.
        I read with interest some of the comments, I also believe that the duration of training and time periods are too short, like the reply above it should be 5 years until advanced level
        If you are serious about scaffolding come and talk to us we can help you in your career path.