Altrad in closing stages of deal to purchase George Roberts



PLEASE READ THE LATEST ARTICLE ON THIS STORY > George Roberts makes announcement to it’s customers

Altrad continues it’s huge spending spree within our industry as the firms eyes are now set on scaffolding suppliers, George Roberts Ltd

Scaffmag has received unconfirmed reports that the French company Altrad is now in it’s final stages of the deal between the two companies.

George Roberts are one of the largest independent scaffolding suppliers of its kind, the company has over the last few years invested heavily into the business facilitating growth through expansion and business change.

If the reports are confirmed about the acquisition of George Roberts, Altrads portfolio will be busting at the seams as previous UK acquisitions include:  BarOmix, Belle Group, Beaver 84, NSG, Generation, MTD, Trad and recently Spectra Scaffolding.





  1. You can investigate the collapse just by looking at the picture,its a simple equation,monoflex+no returns and no ties+high winds and no safety checks=dodgy company and brainless fixers.simples!that’s why they put sails on ships,so they move when its windy….doughnuts.