48.3 Scaffold Design launches new website!

48.3 Scaffold Design New Website

48.3 Scaffold Design New Website

The 48.3 Scaffold Design team are delighted to unveil their new look website.

Since 48.3 Scaffold Design started trading three and half years ago, their image and logo has evolved.  The orange branding has always featured in their website even from the start, and now not only does their new website look clean and striking with its bold white headlines on dark blue imagery but still features the 48.3 Scaffold Design corporate ‘Orange’ ensuring they don’t forget their roots!

Ben Beaumont, Founder and Managing Director at 48.3 Scaffold Design told ScaffMag:

“The new expanded website reflects the growth 48.3 have achieved over the last 12 months particularly. We really wanted our reputation for quality and service to be reflected in our website, and we feel the new design does this perfectly. Our design team will grow to six in January 2014, and all our members will be fully competent design engineers or technical design draughtsmen.

We strive to be the best and pride ourselves on offering an innovative tailor made service to our clients. We offer a dedicated team who provide a fast and efficient turnaround on projects, delivering cost effective and efficient solutions. The website has allowed us to showcase our design service and highlight the details that set 48.3 apart from our competition”.

The details are:

  • Their clients enjoy a design turnaround of 5-7 working days, guaranteed no greater than 10 working days!

  • They meet agreed deadlines, if they don’t they will do the design for FREE!

  • They can save you up to £1250 a month! – with there sliding scale of design fees, mean the more work they do for you, the more you will save.

  • They provide a ‘Fast Track’ scaffolding design service for time critical projects ensuring a guaranteed start within 24 hours!

The new website incorporates a new ‘About Us’ page where you can meet the team and read about the 48.3 Mission, Vision and Values which provide the driving motivation to the delivery of our design service”.

These days everyone is ‘on the go’ and it was important for them to make sure the website was responsive, this means whether you are viewing them on your Mac, laptop or mobile, the pages of the website can adapt to suit the size of your screen.

In addition their portfolio pages and news pages have been completely redesigned allowing them to showcase their designs and news in the best and most effective way, plus they have an interactive ‘Contact us’ page featuring a grab and drop map as well as a link to their Google + page. In addition all their social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (@483ScaffDesign) have been rebranded too!

Visit their new website at www.483scaffolddesign.com