Scaffolder numbers need to double in New Zealand


The number of scaffolders in New Zealand needs to double to meet the escalating demand.

That’s the view published on a website recently by the organisation that represents the majority of the country’s scaffolding firms, as the country deals with a huge surge in major construction activity in Auckland and Christchurch.

Scaffolding, Access and Rigging New Zealand managing director, Nick Pfahlert says there are only 1300 authorised scaffolders nationwide.

“The number of actual scaffolders on the tools is actually significantly lower than that.

“I’m saying we need twice that, at least two and a half thousand.”

Nick Pfahlert says the government needs to relax the requirements to bring in international scaffolders or there’ll be a major slowdown in building.

“So we really want to attract young scaffolders with two or three years experience who want to come out to New Zealand with their families and live here.”

Pfahlert says the shortage of scaffolders will significantly slow down building across the country.



  1. Hard working, 15 years experience both tube and fitting and system. Age 37… Looking for new challenges and adventures….are the opportunities still there or am I too old for visa?

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  3. allenswallen Hi, as an advanced scaffolder with 40 years experience, nvq level 3 ect. 
    with supervisory experience, in oil and gas ,building ,street work, etc would jump at the chance to come out to NZ, but sadly my age would probably be against me.But if you need me give me a shout, i know plenty of scaffs who would also come out.

    [email protected]

  4. The pay rates for scaffolders are actually above most other trades in New Zealand. If you are converting it back to pounds it doesn’t seem like much but you can live very comfortably here for the wages scaffolders are currently getting, plus you get to live in paradise.

  5. They need to up the pay then dont they… I was contacted about going over to New Zealand to work and eventually emigrate – a beautiful country, clean, fresh, better quality of life, but the pay was crap…
    Up the wages.
    More Scaffolders will go there to work – simple economics.