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Tufcoat wraps up Dyrham Park

Dyrham Park roof restoration. Image credit: National Trust

Tufcoat have successfully carried out an installation project for the £3.8m conservation works taking place at Dyrham Park.

Flame retardant shrink wrap was used in tandem with a Keder roof to encapsulate a 500 tonne scaffold structure supplied by SGB, and provide weather protection for a site which is open to the public. The National Trust have commissioned the roof and stonework restoration of a Grade I listed 17th Century mansion, which had started to experience leaking after 160 years.

The existing roof will be completely replaced, which equates to removing and replacing 8000 slate tiles and 46 tonnes of lead. The project required a solution that would allow the restoration to continue regardless of the weather, and would ensure that no rain reached the exposed roof area where works were taking place.

Using approximately 2000m² of our 300?m flame retardant shrink wrap, we encapsulated the sides of the scaffold structure. Along with the Keder roof, this created a weatherproof environment which prevented project downtime and damage to the sensitive roof works.

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Dyrham House will remain open to the public while the restoration takes place, allowing visitors to go inside the shrink wrapped area. For this purpose the scaffold structure has a 230m long walk way around the building’s roof with two viewing platforms, so visitors can see the restoration works as they take place. Using Tufcoat Shrink Wrap meant that Dyrham Park could effectively deliver this unique opportunity for the public to witness the heritage conservation project, and also ensured their safety by preventing exposure to adverse weather.

Visitor numbers could reach 75,000 in total by the time the shrink wrap is removed in December 2015.

Image Credit: National Trust
Image Credit: National Trust


  1. That better not be the Queen Elizabeth in Rosyth dockyard as it’s not a tuffcoat job. Tuffcoat sheeting but not tuffcoat sheeters. I’m standing next to the guy that sheeted that job

  2. Tbh ut was a few years ago but theyrs 1 that sticks in my head in fleetwood at the power station that was getting demolished, also i have used ur plastic dnt find it as good as verisafe or envirowrap although ur tapes good haha

  3. Hi Andrew Appreciate your comment, we’re confident our products will last the duration of the project, why not take look at another project http://on.fb.me/1CJ1gJ4 which still looks great after 7 months. However, our installation work is covered by our guarantee which gives our customers additional assurance that ANY repairs are dealt with the only exception of force majeure.

  4. Be nice walking around in there on their viewing platforms all shrink wrapped in this heat Lol. Be like a bleeding greenhouse phew…. I know that as I was under a tin lid today and that was just inspecting the job.