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TRAD Group Announces Partnership with CADS


Following the launch of its innovative Plettac Metrix scaffold system, TRAD Hire & Sales Ltd has announced its partnership with CADS – the UK’s market leader in structural design and estimating software for the construction industry.

As part of the new partnership, TRAD will be implementing CADS SMART Scaffolder software across its nationwide network of hire and sales depots. CADS is also developing a Plettac Metrix module for use by existing SMART Scaffolder users in the industry.

John Paterson, Managing Director of TRAD Hire & Sales, spoke recently about this exciting new development.

“As part of the launch of Plettac Metrix, we recognised the importance of providing first class support alongside a first class scaffolding system, so we’ve partnered with the UK’s market leader for scaffolding design and estimating software. With system scaffolding the thinking needs to be done before the equipment is delivered to site. SMART Scaffolder is an incredibly powerful tool which now enables our depots to effectively build the scaffold first in a 3D environment, then with the click of a button we can produce material lists, drawings, 3D views and quotes. This not only dramatically speeds up our response times but also improves accuracy. Modelling the scaffold first also allows us to identify and overcome any potential issues before anything is delivered to site.

We’re also working with CADS to develop a Metrix module for SMART Scaffolder. This means that very soon, existing SMART Scaffolder users will be able to contact CADS and purchase the Metrix module as a bolt on to their existing package, giving users access to a full suite of Metrix components.”