HAKI provides a unique weather protection system in Sweden


HAKI’s designers have produced new, effective, safe solutions to bridge an unusually wide span in Sweden.

When the Municipality of Gotland commenced its second largest-ever construction project, the XERVON depot and assembly personnel from Örebro provided one of Sweden’s largest weather protection systems – a 4,000 square-metre weather protection system from HAKI, covering what will be the completely new Wisby high school building, the Sävehuset.

The weather protection system, which will be 64 metres long, will be completed in August 2015. It is not only the size of the weather protection system being assembled over the Sävehuset that makes it unique. Instead of attaching the weather protection system and the scaffolding to the building in the usual way, the scaffolding is being attached around the building to specially cast concrete beams in the ground. This keeps the weather protection system and scaffolding stable, and quite separate from the building.

The weather protection system spans 44.5 metres; about 64 metres of the length of the building will be under cover during the summer. Total height to the ridge is about 20 metres, and the structure is cantilevered with double adjacent queen-post trusses, i.e. without any support in the centre. The weather protection system is being built in sections, about 10 metres at a time, and the sections, which can be rolled along, are jointed together in a so-called cap solution, making them weatherproof. This allows efficient demolition and subsequent new building of the outer walls and roof, with protection from weather and wind.

”Together with XERVON we take on some of Sweden’s most challenging weather protection system projects. These need proficient design and construction personnel, the right material, expert assembly personnel and close cooperation. With our joint solutions we contribute to efficient, safe construction workplaces,” says Kjell Sundlin, Sales Manager at HAKI in Sweden.

The Sävehuset is being rebuilt by NCC/Nybergs Entreprenad, and the total budget for the project is SEK 275 million. For XERVON’s eight assembly workers, the project started in May 2015, and it will continue to February 2016, when the walls and roof of the new building will be in place. The new high school will be finished in 2017.

”For XERVON this is yet another prestige project, together with HAKI, on behalf of NCC. Last winter we contributed all the scaffolding and a large weather protection system for the renovation of the Örebro Konserthus. In the Sävehuset project, a completely different design is used to provide weather protection and the required support. In both cases these are very large, quite unique assignments for XERVON’s expert assembly personnel,” said Jens Sjöberg, CEO of XERVON in Sweden.