Scaffold firm refuses to take down job over pay dispute

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A scaffold firm owner is refusing to remove scaffolding from a newly-redeveloped city centre apartment block in a dispute over pay.

Norwich Evening News reports that Russell McVey claims he is owed more than £21,000 by the developers of Grosvenor House on Prince of Wales Road in Norwich.

The 31-year-old’s company was contracted by Intro Developments in 2017 to erect scaffolding around the former office block. But following completion of the work to turn it into 80 flats, he claims he is still owed money by the Manchester-based firm.

And he is now refusing to remove scaffolding from the property in protest. He said to local media: “If we leave the scaffolding up our hope is that they will realise that they need to pay us. It should have been down weeks ago and everyone should have been paid by now. But they are saying they won’t pay me another penny.”

In response, Intro Developments, which is part of MCR Property Group, said it had paid what was owed to Mr McVey and his company Aboveall Scaffolding Services.

Chris Taylor, fund manager for MCR, warned if the scaffolding was not removed, his company will take it down.Mr  McVey said Intro Developments had so far paid £269,261 for the work. But he claims he is yet to receive an additional £21,584 for the cost of scaffold and hoist hire between April and May this year.

The original fee was £157,368, but Mr McVey said it became more expensive due to changes with the project.

VPH Roofing and Scaffolding, based in Watton, owns the existing scaffolding on the side of the property. The company was brought in by Mr McVey to help with the work.

A spokesman for VPH said the company had “no intention” of taking the scaffolding down.

Mr Taylor, from MCR Property Group, said: “As per Intro Developments’ business relationship with Aboveall Scaffolding Service, we have four purchase orders on record.

“The four purchase orders were paid in full, including all costs, and there is no amount owing.” He said if Intro Developments has to remove the scaffolding, Mr McVey’s company would be charged for the work.

“If they cannot pay then we will sell the scaffolding, take out costs and return the balance to Aboveall,” Mr Taylor said.