Scaffolding collapses during storm killing two in South Taiwan

Credit: Taiwan News

Taiwan News has reported that two people have died and one person was severely injured after being hit by falling scaffolding from a 20-story-tall building under construction in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

The incident happened as strong winds were buffeting the area amid a tropical storm which has caused flooding and traffic disruption across the region.

According to reports at around 3 p.m., a strong gust of wind hit the scaffolding structure pulling it away from the building and falling to the ground, burying three people in the street.

Police cordoned off the area while a rescue team removed the wreckage from the scene. Underneath they found one man and two women who showed no signs of life, local media reported.

After they were transferred to hospital, one woman was reported in a serious condition, while another woman and her son were pronounced dead. All three had reportedly been passing by the site on motorcycles.