Palmers Scaffolding reaches 100 years milestone

Palmers Scaffolding UK

Scaffolding and special access providers, Palmers Scaffolding UK Ltd has reached an epic milestone in its rich and long-standing heritage – achieving 100 years since it was incorporated as a business brand, back in 1919.

A century ago this month, Palmers Scaffolding founder, Edwin Palmer took the decision to transform the well-known scaffolding and access family business name into a company – formally founding it as the legal business structure it still is today, now under British ownership with CEO, well-known scaffolding man and entrepreneur, Colin Butt at its helm.

Palmers Scaffolding UK Ltd CEO, Colin Butt said: “I am delighted to be involved in this marvelous anniversary and particularly to have returned ownership of this long-established business to British hands.”

Palmers Managing Director, Donald Morrison added: “I wonder what hopes and dreams Edwin Palmer had when Palmers was incorporated 100 years ago; having been trading since 1880?

“Then, as now, I believe we have built a reputation for excellence in the provision of our services, working safely and with a commitment to our clients. Of course, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve this success without our whole team; past and present. We have really excellent staff retention rates as a business and are delighted to say more than 10% of our workers have over 15 year’s service with us. Here’s to the next 100.”

Palmers Scaffolding turns 100

And Ian McFarlane, Palmers Director of Business and Project Development said: “Palmers is a trusted and historic scaffolding brand, whose employees are rightly proud to be associated with. Over the last century and beyond, we have established excellent, pre-qualified working relationships with some of the country’s leading clients & contractors who continually support us by awarding Palmers repeat business.

“And yet despite our rich heritage, at Palmers we are always looking forward to the most modern special access and scaffolding solutions. And we are actively supporting our employees and customers moving the Palmers brand forward by continuing to work to the very highest safety standards on some of the biggest, most important projects in Britain, now and for the foreseeable future.”

Formed in 1880, Palmers Scaffolding UK Limited have become specialists in providing long term infrastructure & industrial service maintenance contracts and fast track construction solutions, specialising in scaffolding and access contracts.