Workers start to remove melted scaffolding on Notre-Dame

Workers cut away scaffolding on Notre-Dame. Image: Vernerie Yann / Shutterstock

Work to remove the melted scaffolding from the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris is now underway.

Scaffolding was already encasing much of the 850-year-old world-famous cathedral when a huge fire broke out in April last year.

The roof and spire were destroyed in the inferno and the giant scaffolding that included over 50,000 scaffold tubes became a tangled melted mess.

Now, this week workers are tasked with the delicate job of cutting the melted steel tubes away after building another complex scaffold structure over the fire-damaged cathedral.

Officials have said, two five-man teams hanging from ropes 40 to 50 meters in the air will be using electric saws to safely cut away the scaffolding piece by piece.

Notre-dame melted scaffolding
Workers begin to cut away the melted scaffolding this week. Image credit: Linkedin/unknown

It’s one of the riskiest operations during the restoration work as the process could quite easily damage the limestone walls supporting the priceless ceiling vaults.

The operation of cutting away the melted scaffolding is thought to take workers up to four months to complete.