Worker takes serious fall from scaffolding at Sydney construction site

Image credit: 9News

A man has taken a serious fall from scaffolding on a construction site in Sydney, Australia this morning.

The 35-year-old worker plunged three meters, from the third to second floor of the building about 8.30 am at the site in Penrith.

A source close to the incident told Scaffmag: “The man was working from a 2 board hop up that didn’t have tie bars installed it only had tie wire securing the boards in position. The worker stepped down off the slab onto the hop-up and they spread and the boards fell and he went down the hole it made.”

NSW Fire and Rescue teams helped rescue the man, and a critical care helicopter also attended the scene landing opposite to the construction site. The worker was taken to the local Hospital by road in a stable condition.

NSW Ambulance Station Officer Peter Van Praag said: “Any fall from height has the potential to be fatal, this man is incredibly lucky not to have sustained more serious injuries,” 

“It was a great team effort with the help of Fire and Rescue NSW.”

“The most important thing about going to work in the morning is getting home at the end of your day to your family. We urge workers to take extra care when at work, one mistake can cause serious injury.”