Dutch firm launches magnetic fall protection

magnetic anchor

A first of its kind magnetic anchor for fall protection has been launched by Dutch firm McNetiq

The new magnetic anchor for fall protection when working at height have been developed by Rotterdam-based company McNetiq. The development comes in response to a growing demand for certified anchoring systems across a number of industries.

For workplaces constructed from steel in construction and demolition to shipbuilding and powerplant maintenance, the magnetic anchor can be used for personal fall protection.

Its makers say the use of the anchor is durable and cost-effective due to temporary anchor points not needing to be welded. The worker is connected to the magnetic anchor via a working line and is unable to go beyond an unsecured edge.

There are various fall protection systems in circulation, but no magnetic ones as yet to our knowledge. This new anchor is based on the companies Controlock technology. McNetiq is the inventor of this patented technology, with which the breakout point and sheer force of a magnetic anchor can be determined in advance.

McNetiq previously developed the Controlock scaffolding anchor that we saw at Bauma in 2019. This product is applied in industrial scaffolding construction and used in storage tanks, shipping, power plants, cranes, steel bridges and other steel construction projects.

McNetiq was founded following the invention of the Controlock technology in 2014 and collaborates with innovative partners in the Rotterdam port industrial area.