Holistic Innovation Creates State of The Art MacDeck System


The revolutionary Macdeck safety decking system is set to become even more versatile across the industry thanks to a brilliantly designed new component.

It represents the perfect balance between precision and inventiveness, something at which Stockton-on-Tees JMAC Safety Systems excel.

Many believe the MacDeck System is already a market leader in terms of safety – and now the MacBrace is a simple addition allowing the former to become totally free-standing when built in line with the manufacturer guidelines.

It means the system can be erected without the need of supporting walls – a common requirement in today’s construction market with low-level living spaces at single-story and protruding porches.

When the MacBrace is used in conjunction with their new Eco Extendable Leg; the MacDeck system can be utilised on a much broader range of build projects.

In fact, the MacBrace component was designed and tested in partnership with key supply chain partners and scaffold design engineers, with physical testing carried out at Teesside University. This was all made possible following the feedback received from both current clients and the JMAC management team.

Aaron Foley, General Manager at JMAC Safety Systems explained: “Our MacDeck Safety Decking system boasts a load capacity of 2.0kn per m2 and is the strongest injection moulded panel manufactured worldwide.

“MacDeck is light weight and easy to handle, with only three main components. It is quick and simple to erect and dismantle. The system can be installed by one person, whilst easily erecting 60m2 within an hour.

“All operatives using the MacDeck System must be adequately trained to ensure the system is installed in a safe and efficient manner. We offer free training to all customers wishing to purchase the MacDeck System. We will ensure all your operatives are competent before they undertake any work on site.

“We have always believed the future of our business resides in the future of our ideas. We adopt a culture of ‘kaizen’ continuous improvement. The pandemic was the perfect opportunity for us to engage our creative capabilities and design something to adds value to our current MacDeck Safety Decking System.”

New product development is a strenuous and long process for most companies, but not for the visionary people at this dynamic north-eastern Company.

In terms of the system itself, JMAC Safety Systems recommend every 5th bay is fully braced in either direction or on each end bay, as a minimum.

To find out how to integrate the MacBrace into your MacDeck Safety Decking System, please contact the JMAC Hire & Sales team on 01642 563 69 www.jmacsafetysystems.co.uk