New Temporary Edge Protection Guidance Published

The NASC has published comprehensive advice on how to provide safe and compliant temporary edge protection for flat and sloping roofs.

Scaffolding trade body the NASC has published comprehensive advice on how to provide safe and compliant temporary edge protection for flat and sloping roofs with an angle of up to 10°.

The eagerly awaited TG1:22 Temporary Edge Protection includes details of the requirements for Class A type edge protection, constructed with tube and fittings, in compliance with BS EN 13374:2013+A1:2018, together with the basic elements of construction.

This document provides updated guidance and now includes 15 generic design drawings, which may be used to construct edge protection without the need for a bespoke design, provided that environmental conditions and roof/floor structures are suitable.

Dennis Braithwaite, NASC Technical Advisor, said: “Working on roofs is a high-risk activity because it involves work at height. Where work is to be carried out from flat or sloping roofs or open floor levels, there is always a risk of persons or materials falling from the edge and therefore suitable edge protection is required.

“I’d like to thank the NASC Technical Committee for their efforts in developing this guidance, which will play a huge part in ensuring scaffolding contractors across the UK construct temporary edge protection that is safe and fit-for-purpose.”

James Attridge, Director at JFE Attridge Scaffolding Services Co Ltd and Chair of the NASC Technical Committee, added: “The re-introduction of TG1 has been a long drawn out and complex procedure as all the Class A designs had to be CAT 3 checked and include wind loading which wasn’t taken into consideration in the previous guidance.  

“Now that the first set of designs have been completed and approved, the testing for Class B loadings (taken from BS EN 13374) on all the Class A configurations will begin. The official testing is due to start later this year. 

“Some basic preliminary tests (class B) on a couple of the designs have taken place and proved successful. When TG1:22 has been fully developed and added to the NASC ePortal, it will enable a compliance sheet to be produced from the suite of edge protection types similar to how a TG20:21 compliance sheet is produced for basic scaffolds. 

“We’re sure this will be widely used by NASC Contractor members.”

TG1:22 is available to NASC members for free digital download via the NASC Shop and the NASC ePortal. The guidance will also be made available to non-NASC members for purchase in the coming months.

The NASC Technical Committee is in the process of producing similar guidance for Class B type edge protection. This is expected to be published next year.

Now that TG1:22 is complete, the NASC’s Health and Safety Committee will update SG27:09 Temporary Edge Protection on Open Steelwork, which provides general advice on safe systems of work when planning the installation of edge protection systems.