Inner City Scaffolding’s Trojan Horse of Innovation


Inner City Scaffolding Ltd, a well-known name in the scaffolding sector, has undertaken a monumental recladding project that has caught the industry’s attention. This complex and innovative endeavour is set to redefine the standards of scaffolding excellence.

The project, which involves the recladding of a live building, was awarded to Inner City Scaffolding Ltd in March 2023, with an anticipated duration of 18 months. What makes this project exceptional is the scale and complexity of the engineered scaffolding system deployed by the company.

Engineering Marvel

Inner City Scaffolding Ltd embarked on this ambitious project by implementing a large-scale engineered HAKI System scaffolding solution. This scaffolding extends from ground level up to 40.00 meters on the roof. The structure includes extensive triple bank 1300mm HD Spine Beams and steel shore integration, bridging podium areas. Additionally, a traditional tube, fitting, and beam approach was utilised for remedial upgrade works on the lower-level podium building.

The logistics package accompanying the project includes HAKI site staircases and integrated goods hoists. A bespoke gated solution was designed for the system scaffolding, along with material chutes for fabric removal. To ensure safety and functionality, lightning protection was also integrated into the scaffolding and hoist due to the building’s topographical location.

Impressive Metrics

The sheer magnitude of this project becomes evident when considering the statistics. Inner City Scaffolding Ltd has erected approximately 4,000.00m2 of FR netted external facade scaffolding. This required 600.00 individual support legs and 1,000.00 linear meters of HD Asterix Beams, X-Beams, and Ladder Beams. The scale of this undertaking is genuinely awe-inspiring.

Innovative Solutions to Challenges

One of the most remarkable aspects of this project is how Inner City Scaffolding overcame challenges. With a lack of foundation support from the building, they devised a ground-breaking approach that involved transferring loads to minimal areas, including the building’s steel frame. This required scaffolding service loads to be transferred onto engineered scaffolding beam work arrangements, with spans between supports exceeding 25.00 meters. These were then attached to purpose-built steel shores linked to the building’s core steel structure. The sheer magnitude of these works, completed with operational ingenuity and no crane or plant assistance, is a testament to Inner City Scaffolding’s expertise.

A Trojan Horse of Innovation

As the project evolved, the scaffolding’s look and dynamics took on a unique character, often compared to that of a Trojan Horse. This evolution earned the project its own class identity, emphasising the innovative spirit driving its success.

Notably, all of this intricate work was carried out while the building and surrounding areas remained live with residents and fully operational traffic routes. Inner City Scaffolding Ltd managed to deliver the project on time, working with precision and care.

In conclusion, Inner City Scaffolding Ltd’s recladding project is a shining example of innovation and expertise in scaffolding. With its complex engineered solutions and the ability to overcome immense challenges, this project is set to inspire and help redefine the industry’s standards. It is a testament to what can be achieved through ingenuity and dedication in construction and scaffolding.