Discover Careers in Construction with Open Doors 2024

The UK construction industry is offering young people and those seeking a career change an exclusive opportunity to explore the world of construction
Courtesy of Willmott Dixon

The UK construction industry is offering young people and those seeking a career change an exclusive opportunity to explore the world of construction during Open Doors 2024, scheduled to run from Monday, March 18th to Saturday, March 23rd. 

Open Doors, organized by Build UK, offers a unique behind-the-scenes look at various construction sites and workplaces, providing visitors with valuable insights into the diverse range of career opportunities available in the industry.

More than 150 events are already registered across England, Scotland, and Wales, offering visitors a chance to experience the industry firsthand. From prestigious projects such as One Leadenhall in London, the new Aquatics Centre in Manchester, to the Paisley Museum in Scotland, visitors will have the opportunity to witness the construction industry in action and learn about the 180 different careers it offers.

The construction sector is on the lookout for nearly 45,000 new recruits each year. Open Doors aims to demonstrate that the industry offers exciting and rewarding career prospects for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and skill sets. 

Schools and colleges are encouraged to book group visits for their students to provide them with a firsthand understanding of the industry, including the wide range of apprenticeships available.

Julie White, Chair of Build UK, expressed her enthusiasm for making the construction industry more accessible to young people, saying, “I am passionate about making the world of construction open and accessible to as many young people as possible, so they can see all the different career opportunities there are in our industry. Open Doors is a fantastic way to find out more about the amazing things we build and what the industry has to offer, so book your visit today to see where a career in construction could take you.”

Courtesy of Bouygues UK

Michael Oppong, a Management Trainee Quantity Surveyor at Willmott Dixon who attended an Open Doors visit in 2015, shared his positive experience: “Open Doors definitely sparked my interest in a career in the construction industry. I have since taken the degree-level apprenticeship route, combining on-the-job training with university studies. I would encourage everyone to attend an Open Doors visit and consider a career in the industry – just like me!”

With new events continuing to be added over the coming weeks, individuals and educational institutions are encouraged to stay updated on the Open Doors website to find events taking place in their local areas.

Open Doors is a week-long event delivered by Build UK, offering people a chance to go behind the scenes of construction sites and workplaces across Great Britain and explore the array of careers available in the industry. To book a visit, interested individuals can visit the Open Doors website.

Build UK, the leading representative organization for the UK construction industry, brings together clients, main contractors, trade associations representing various specialist contractors, and other organizations committed to industry collaboration to promote the value of construction and drive positive change within the sector.

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