Liddiard Scaffolding and Layher UK Shine at BAE Systems Project

Liddiard Scaffolding and Layher UK Shine at BAE Systems Project

In the heart of BAE Systems’ Broad Oak facility in Portsmouth, a remarkable refurbishment project is underway, ensuring the modernisation and functionality of a high-security office building. 

Liddiard Scaffolding Ltd, based in Petersfield, has taken centre stage in erecting the scaffolding necessary for this intricate endeavour, utilising the versatile Layher Allround and Keder Roof scaffolding system.

Dubbed the “Bldg 49 Refurbishment,” the project, managed by Fifth Elevation, entails a meticulous renovation of an office complex accommodating various entities involved in government and defense-controlled operations.

The stringent security measures and complex operational requirements make this undertaking both challenging and crucial.

Steve Chipps, Senior Estimator at Liddiard Scaffolding, sheds light on the intricacies of the project, “Our objective was clear – to facilitate safe access for window replacements, internal refurbishments, and the installation of a temporary roof for weather protection during roof surface replacement.”

The scale of the project is substantial, with a building perimeter stretching 138 meters and ten lifts installed. Notably, sections of the scaffold towered up to 35 meters, penetrating the warehouse roof, necessitating meticulous planning to ensure structural integrity and safety.

One of the unique challenges encountered was the stringent security protocols within the BAE facility. Chipps emphasises, “Planning was paramount, requiring advanced security clearances for operatives and meticulous coordination for material deliveries and storage.” Additionally, measures were taken to shield certain areas, with windows covered in silver film to maintain confidentiality.

Innovative Solutions with Layher

The Layher Keder Roof System proved instrumental in meeting the project’s demands, particularly in providing crucial weather protection. Its innovative design facilitated the construction of a temporary roof, ensuring the safety and integrity of the refurbishment process amidst varying weather conditions.

The modular nature of the Layher system allowed for flexible configurations, showcasing its adaptability to the unique requirements of the project.

Despite the complexities, a collaboration between Layher UK, Liddiard Scaffolding, Fifth Elevation, and BAE Systems was seamless. Chipps notes, “We fostered a partnership approach, ensuring alignment on objectives and addressing challenges proactively.” This close collaboration contributed to the project’s success, with safety being a top priority throughout the execution.

Liddiard Scaffolding and Layher UK Shine at BAE Systems Project

Sections of the scaffold towered up to 35 meters

Reflecting on the project’s outcome, Chipps expresses satisfaction with the results achieved. Despite minor delays, the project was completed on time, showcasing the effectiveness of the collaborative efforts. Notably, Liddiard Scaffolding received accolades for its exemplary safety standards, garnering praise from Fifth Elevation and BAE’s Safety Inspector.

“To date, this project has gone very well, and it’s been a pleasure working with Liddiard’s,” remarked the Health & Safety and Quality Manager from Fifth Elevation.

Collaborative Triumph

In conclusion, the Bldg 49 Refurbishment stands as a testament to the capabilities of Liddiard Scaffolding and the efficacy of the Layher Allround system in meeting the most demanding construction challenges.

As the project nears its completion, it serves as a beacon of excellence in high-security refurbishments, showcasing the seamless integration of Layher’s four core pillars: Service, Support, Solutions, and Supply. This collaborative approach not only ensured the project’s success but also exemplified the commitment to delivering unparalleled service and innovation in the scaffolding industry.