London’s Admiralty Arch Gets a Digital Facelift


Embrace Building Wraps has installed a spectacular CGI scaffold wrap to replicate the iconic facade of the Admiralty Arch during renovations. The wrap blends heritage with luxury as the building becomes a Waldorf Astoria hotel.

London’s iconic Admiralty Arch, a symbol of British heritage and architectural splendour, is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Embrace Building Wraps, one of the UK’s premier providers of printed building wrap solutions, has played a pivotal role in this transformation by installing an innovative CGI tromp l’oeil scaffold wrap that mirrors the arch’s original façade.

This exciting project will convert the arch into a luxury hotel for Waldorf Astoria, blending historical preservation with modern luxury.

Admiralty Arch is a Grade I listed building. It was originally commissioned by King Edward VII in memory of Queen Victoria and completed in 1910 by esteemed architect Sir Aston Webb. It marks a spectacular entrance from Trafalgar Square to The Mall, leading to Buckingham Palace.

After years of lying vacant, the arch is now being meticulously renovated to host a five-star hotel alongside residences and a private members’ club, a project spearheaded by the Ruben Brothers and executed by the main contractor, Knight Build.

In an effort to maintain the arch’s aesthetic and historical integrity during its renovation, Embrace Building Wraps has implemented a visually stunning solution. The company has enveloped the structure facing Buckingham Palace with a 2,945 square meter CGI image of the building, replicated on a printed scaffold wrap.

This mammoth undertaking spans approximately 155 meters wide and 19 meters high, ingeniously accommodating the arch’s concave shape through five separate offset frames and printed wraps.

Greg Forster, Managing Director at Embrace Building Wraps, shared his enthusiasm for the project, noting the complexities and challenges involved. “This project was a tremendous undertaking for us, both in terms of the project’s size and the intricate details required to reproduce the building’s façade faithfully. 

We’re immensely proud of the result, which not only respects the heritage of this iconic landmark but also showcases our capability to deliver high-quality, visually impactful solutions for significant hotel brands,” Forster said.

The Embrace Building Wraps’ Creative Team created the wrap through an extensive process. They relied on historical references and advanced imaging techniques to ensure a realistic and consistent portrayal. This included capturing natural ambient lighting, seasonal variations, and intricate Victorian architectural details, from statues to crests and inscriptions on the arch.

This artistic and engineering feat will adorn the Admiralty Arch for approximately eighteen months, serving as a temporary façade until the renovation’s completion. The eagerly awaited Waldorf Astoria London Admiralty Arch will open its doors in 2025 and offer 96 luxurious rooms and suites, a rooftop bar, spa, ballroom, and multiple dining options.