Pioneering Collaboration Elevates Guggenheim Museum Construction in Abu Dhabi

How the Guggenheim Museum in Abu Dhabi will look once complete.

Al Laith and Pilosio’s FlyDeck Partner to Usher in a New Era of Construction Excellence

Al Laith, the Middle East’s leading provider of innovative temporary project solutions, has proudly announced its strategic partnership with Pilosio, employing the revolutionary FlyDeck system in the ambitious construction of the Guggenheim Museum in Abu Dhabi.

Revolutionary Access Solutions for a Cultural Icon

The collaboration marks a significant milestone in construction and engineering innovation, bringing together Al Laith’s extensive experience and Pilosio’s cutting-edge FlyDeck system. The partnership aims to overcome the complex challenges presented by the museum’s unique architectural design, particularly its intricate steel roof structure.

Jason English, CEO of Al Laith Group, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We are delighted to partner with Pilosio and bring to market the industry-leading suspended access solution FlyDeck by Pilosio, which is well known for their cutting-edge innovation for access solutions. This partnership allows us to introduce a new way of access into the market.”

Setting New Standards in Technical Excellence and Sustainability

The FlyDeck System, renowned for its adaptability, lightweight construction, and ease of assembly, will play a pivotal role in the precise installation of the museum’s roof glazing package. Al Laith’s expertise in construction and engineering will combine with Pilosio’s innovative solutions, setting unparalleled standards for the project.

Moreover, the partnership underscores a shared commitment to sustainability, with both companies incorporating environmentally friendly practices throughout the construction process. This initiative aligns with global standards for green building, contributing to the Guggenheim Museum’s eco-friendly approach.

Nereo Parisotto, Chairman of Pilosio Group, highlighted the significance of the collaboration: “It is with great pride that we see Al Laith, a renowned company in the field, recognizing the core values inherent in our FlyDeck system from the outset. This partnership reflects a shared dedication to excellence and mutual goals.”

Francesco De Martino, CEO of Pilosio Building Materials LLC, added, “We are proud of supplying the FlyDeck for such a significant and landmark project. Our team of engineers, led by our General Manager Mr. Alessandro Zanatta and our FlyDeck Expert Mrs. Soukaina Boutbila, has successfully devised a technical solution that ensures optimal performance on-site.”