SCP Group Expands Reach with New Branding and Website


SCP Group, the company behind trusted construction brands like Klawz, Scotti, Tamer, and Safelinx, has revealed a fresh new look with a revamped website. 

The rebranding reflects the group’s expanding range of innovative products and services, all driven by a focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

SCP Group’s dedication to reliable solutions is showcased through their patented products, which have solidified their reputation within the construction sector. These products have become essential tools for many scaffolding professionals.

Beyond Construction: Wellness and Sustainability

The group recognises the importance of addressing mental health within the construction industry. River Training Services Ltd.’s establishment highlights a commitment to technical training and prioritising worker well-being.

SCP Group’s commitment to a greener future is evident in Enviro Friendly Energy Ltd. This subsidiary emphasises carbon offsetting and renewable energy adoption, significantly contributing to the group’s net-zero ambitions. Additionally, The Yacht Leg and Cradle Company demonstrates their expertise extends into the marine sector.

For immediate construction supply needs, SCP Group offers its online shop,, providing easy access to a vast inventory of products.

Rikki, SCP Group’s Financial Director, expresses the company’s vision: “SCP Group embodies our goal of building a diverse portfolio where each company makes a positive impact within its industry. Our ventures may vary, but they all share an unwavering focus on innovation, quality, excellence, and trust.”

SCP Group demonstrates significant ambition, aiming to set new benchmarks in the industries it serves. The commitment to innovation and exceeding customer expectations positions the group for further expansion and influence.