Layher Open Morning Series Kicks Off in Leytonstone

Get up close and personal with Layher Allround® Scaffolding

Layher, the renowned provider of system scaffolding solutions, is set to kick off its first Open Morning event of 2024 on Tuesday, May 21st. 

Layher, the renowned provider of system scaffolding solutions, is set to kick off its first Open Morning event of 2024 on Tuesday, May 21st. 

Hosted at Simian Risk’s training centre in Leytonstone, the event promises an immersive experience for attendees to witness Layher’s product demonstrations firsthand, interact with the team, and engage in informal discussions about how Layher can bolster their business operations.

A morning highlight will be a presentation delivered by Layher’s Brand Ambassador, Des Moore. Renowned for his success in generating substantial income streams for TRAD Scaffolding through utilising Layher’s Allround® Scaffolding, Des will share his wealth of experience and insights, emphasising the commercial and business rationale for investing in system scaffolding.

The presentation from Des is expected to shift the conversation from “Should I invest in system scaffolding?” to “When should I invest in Layher’s system scaffolding?”

Reflecting on his recent LinkedIn poll regarding system scaffolding, Des notes, “Although 64% of respondents highlighted the time and cost-saving advantages of system scaffolding, there remains a 19% contingent who perceive it as too expensive. With my experience, I beg to differ.”

Des contends that sceptics of system scaffolding investment will likely reconsider their stance upon understanding its compelling commercial logic.

“While the initial investment may be higher compared to traditional tube and fitting scaffolding, the longevity and durability of system scaffolding far outweigh the costs over a 10-year period,” Des explains.

“When factoring in the savings on labour and the ability of system scaffolding to facilitate entry into new markets, its superiority becomes evident, leading to tangible turnover and margin benefits.”

The Layher Open Day will run from 9 am to 12 pm, with limited places available to ensure attendees have ample opportunity to explore the products and engage with the Layher UK team.

Sean Pike, Managing Director at Layher UK, highlights the importance of these events in fostering meaningful interactions. “We’re committed to providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of our products and fostering quality conversations,” Sean remarks. “That’s why we’re hosting multiple events throughout the year, with future dates to be announced soon.”

For those unable to attend the Open Day but interested in exploring the commercial advantages of system scaffolding, Des Moore offers the possibility of arranging presentations directly at individual business premises.

This event marks the first of four Open Mornings planned across the UK. It presents a unique opportunity for industry professionals to delve into the practical and financial benefits of Layher’s innovative scaffolding solutions, setting the stage for enhanced efficiency and profitability within the construction sector.