No Falls Week Kicks Off to Combat Rising Workplace Fatalities


Today marks the start of the inaugural No Falls Week, a campaign spearheaded by the No Falls Foundation to raise awareness and promote safety measures for work at height.

This initiative comes at a crucial time, as falls from height have become the leading cause of workplace fatalities in the UK.

In 2022-2023, 40 individuals tragically lost their lives due to falls at work, accounting for a third of all workplace deaths. The alarming figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show an increase from the previous year, highlighting the urgent need for action.

Beyond fatalities, the impact of non-fatal falls is significant, with over 5,000 reported injuries in the same period. However, experts believe this number is vastly underreported, particularly among self-employed individuals. The HSE estimates the actual number of workplace falls over the past decade could be as high as 425,000.

The consequences of these accidents extend beyond the injured individuals, affecting families, businesses, and the wider economy. In 2022/23 alone, an estimated 992,000 working days were lost due to non-fatal falls, costing over £847 million.

Hannah Williams, Charity Manager at the No Falls Foundation, emphasises the importance of prioritising safety for all workers at height“Everyone who needs to work at height should be able to work safely and return home unharmed at the end of every shift,” she states. “No Falls Week is an opportunity for everyone to shine a spotlight onto the mental, physical, and societal consequences of working at height accidents.”

Throughout this week, employers and organisations across various sectors are encouraged to participate in No Falls Week. The campaign offers toolkits and resources to help plan activities such as toolbox talks, workshops, and safety demonstrations. 

By fostering awareness and implementing preventive measures, the No Falls Foundation aims to create a safer working environment for millions across the UK.