Pilosio’s Flydeck lightweight, System Takes Bridge Refurbishment to New Heights

Find out how the Flydeck system from Pilosio transformed a difficult bridge refurbishment project. Discover the engineering innovation that enabled safe access to every part of the bridge.

The Flydeck system’s lightweight, easily stowable components, combined with faster and safer elastic pin joints, resulted in significant time and cost savings while improving overall safety

A groundbreaking scaffolding project on a major national highway recently concluded, showcasing innovative engineering solutions to tackle a complex refurbishment challenge. However, the project was not without its hurdles. The bridge’s location made traditional scaffolding methods impractical, and its exposure to harsh weather and heavy traffic posed significant challenges.

The arch bridge, a majestic structure carrying traffic across a hydroelectric basin, required significant refurbishment after decades of service. The bridge’s impressive span of 406 meters and its exposure to harsh weather and heavy traffic had taken their toll, necessitating a comprehensive restoration project.

Pilosio, a leading scaffolding manufacturer, stepped in with their revolutionary Flydeck system. This system, unlike traditional scaffolding, offers a suspended working platform solution by anchoring decks to the viaduct’s concrete structure using chains allowing workers safe access to all areas of the bridge.

The Pilosio Solution setup was crucial to service the viaduct’s piles, beams, spandrels, and carriageway slabs:

  1. Approx. 11,000 sqm of Flydeck with 25 cm beams, longitudinal setup: under the entire width of the underdeck intrados ( beams, spandrels, and carriageway slabs). The system was installed in 4 phases, approximately 3000 sqm for each phase.
  2. Approx. 3000 sqm of Flydeck with 25 cm beams, transversal stepped setup. The system was installed in 2 phases, approximately 1500 sqm for each phase.
  3. An approximately 150m flydeck catwalk was created in a longitudinal setup connecting one span and the next. The catwalk makes material handling quick.
  4. Electric single-column scaffolds and connecting walkways were deployed to ensure comprehensive access and efficient intervention.

Worker safety was paramount in this scaffolding project. The decks were always anchored and never cantilevered, significantly reducing the risks associated with working at height. Moreover, the Flyrail guide, another innovative design by Pilosio, supported the weight of cantilevered beams during installation, ensuring stability and minimising the risk of accidents. Thanks to the Flydeck, the roadway was not closed during the entire maintenance of the project

However, the viaduct refurbishment project is not just a successful case study but a testament to the ingenuity of modern engineering solutions. By embracing innovative approaches like the Flydeck system, construction companies can overcome complex challenges and deliver successful projects.

This not only prioritises worker safety and efficiency but also sets a new standard for the industry, encouraging the adoption of similar innovative solutions.