ScaffChamp 2024 Kicks Off with a Fun-Filled Day in Sunny Vilnius


The picturesque city of Vilnius basked in the sunshine today as it welcomed scaffolders from around the world for the much-anticipated ScaffChamp 2024. 

The first day of the event, dubbed the “Fun Day,” provided an enjoyable start for participants and attendees alike, blending leisure with anticipation as competing teams discovered their upcoming challenges.

Scaffolders gathered at the event grounds at Layher Baltic to engage in a variety of activities designed to foster camaraderie and showcase their skills in a relaxed community setting. 

Highlights included an arm wrestling contest that drew spirited participation and cheers from the crowd and an intense obstacle course that tested the competitors’ agility, strength, and teamwork.

The grand reveal of the competition’s scaffolding challenge was one of the day’s main attractions. For the first time, teams were shown 4D designs of what they have to build, courtesy of the main sponsor ScaffPlan. 

These hi-tech designs, accessible via a QR code, provided a detailed and interactive view of the structures, allowing teams to start planning and strategising immediately. The announcement was met with a mix of both excitement and strategic planning as teams began to formulate their approaches and discuss potential strategies for the scaffold build.

Adding to the atmosphere, the day featured a live DJ, a bar and local food offering Lithuanian delicacies, and a special exhibition of the latest scaffolding technologies and innovations. Leach’s and KEWAZO were among the exhibitors, showcasing their latest products and solutions to an eager audience. 

Attendees had the opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and gain insights into cutting-edge advancements that are shaping the future of the scaffolding industry.

Scaffmag had the opportunity to catch up with the three UK teams competing for the first time ever at ScaffChamp: Star Scaffolding, Connect Scaffolding, and Rose System Scaffolding.

The teams expressed their excitement about participating in the international event and shared their thoughts on the day’s activities and the upcoming competition. “It’s a fantastic experience to be here and see the global scaffolding community come together,” said a representative from Star Scaffolding. “We can’t wait to show what we’ve got in the competition.”

Safety is Paramount this Year

This year’s event marks a stark contrast to last year, with a heightened emphasis on safety. Organisers have implemented comprehensive method statements and Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS) to ensure all activities are conducted with the utmost care and adherence to safety guidelines. This focus on safety reflects a growing awareness and commitment to protecting the well-being of all participants.

Team Draw

A highlight of the day was the team draw for ScaffChamp, powered by Layher. The draw rule ensured that teams from the same country wouldn’t participate in the same round. Here are the results:

1st Round: 

  • Telinetiimi (Finland)
  • Látvány-Állvány (Hungary)
  • XPRTS (Bulgaria)
  • Alpaccess (Romania)
  • Björli Team (Sweden)
  • RNDV (Lithuania)

2nd Round:

  • Cumiskey Scaffolding (Ireland)
  • Connect Scaffolding (UK)
  • N-Projects (Poland)
  • HOTREMA (Lithuania)
  • Stilladsarbejdernes Landsklub (Denmark)
  • Starteline (Finland)
  • KAEFER Sweden (Sweden)

3rd Round:

  • GLT (Poland)
  • Kukla Scaffolding (Slovakia)
  • Stabil Épít? (Hungary)
  • Globalita (Lithuania)
  • Rose System Scaffolding (UK)
  • NBIK (Mongolia)

End of Day 1

As the sun sets over Vilnius, the energy remained high, with scaffolders and spectators looking forward to tomorrow’s main event. Over 500 people are expected to attend as the official competition kicks off. The final day promises a showcase of skill, precision, and teamwork as teams vie for the coveted ScaffChamp 2024 title.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our live coverage of ScaffChamp 2024. Follow the live blog, which will bring you the latest news and highlights from this exciting event.