TRAD UK Employee Wins Prestigious HSE Award at Altrad Meeting


TRAD UK, a leading scaffolding and access solutions provider, today announced that HSEQ and Transport Manager Nick Smith has won the President’s Award for HSE Individual Contribution at Altrad’s annual meeting in Montpellier, France.

The award celebrates Smith’s outstanding efforts to elevate health and safety practices within the company and across the wider construction industry.

“This win is truly a “feather in the cap” for Nick and TRAD UK,” a spokesperson said, “especially considering the sheer size of Altrad.” 

It also marks the third year in a row that the company has been recognised at this prestigious event, with previous awards highlighting innovation and corporate social responsibility.

Smith’s role as a driving force in shaping TRAD UK’s safety culture cannot be overstated. His initiatives, such as sharing lessons learned through company-wide communications, implementing a Personnel Engagement Programme, and establishing a healthy competition program, have been instrumental in maintaining outstanding health and safety records.

His commitment extends beyond TRAD UK. He is actively involved in the Health & Safety and Technical committees within the trade bodies FASET and EPF, playing a vital role in developing industry-wide safety guidelines.

“We are extremely proud of Nick, his team, and all of our staff who constantly strive to embed safe working practices within TRAD UK,” said Colin Dobson, Managing Director at TRAD UK. 

“To win a President’s Award in an organisation as large as Altrad, with its global reach, highlights the exceptional work being done. It’s a fantastic achievement for Nick and our entire company.”