Nuclear plant Hinkley Point C continues to power ahead


New photos and film footage released by EDF shows the scale and construction progress of the new nuclear power station. The construction of Hinkley Point C began two years ago after the government signed a deal with French firm EDF and its Chinese partner CGN. More than 3,200 people are now working on the project in Somerset. EDF has said it would...

Bricklayers Find Clever and Funny Way Round ‘No Shorts’ Ruling


The weather has been pretty hot up and down the country in the UK in recent months it's fair to say. In actual fact, pretty hot is putting it lightly to say the very least. Anyone that works outside would probably appreciate how some brickies felt when their boss told them not to wear shorts at work, even though...

Dutch Construction Company And University to Use 3D Printing to Make First Habitable Homes


Working alongside Van Wijnen, a construction company on a project entitled Project Milestone, 3D printing specialists from Eindhoven University of Technology are using a large 3D printer to produce 5 pebble-style houses. Using a large robotic arm with a nozzle attached that will follow the digital designs layer by layer, the houses will be printed using a cement mixture, which...

Viridor Leads The Way In Sustainable Hard Hats Recycling


Alongside Devon based plastic recycling specialist company, Polymer Industries, Viridor recently announced an innovative collaboration that will see thousands of hard hats destined for the landfill be put to better use, protecting both the environment, and providing a practical solution in the form of reusable plastic products, such as bins. Hard hats have always been excluded from traditional recycling due...

More than 60,000 construction firms in financial distress


The number of UK construction firms in major financial distress has risen by a quarter in the last year and doubled in the past 18 months. According to the construction index businesses that class themselves as in the support services sector, the picture is even worse with a 40% rise in the number of in difficulties. Begbies Traynor's Red Flag Alert...

The New Industrial Revolution Is Here With Industry 4.0


A range of exciting collective technologies known as Industry 4.0 is set to launch the new industrial revolution. This fourth industrial age however, could see more than 600,000 existing construction jobs automated by 2040, freeing up individuals for essential re-training, according to a report released from international consultancy and construction company, Mace. It's all part of intensive research exploring...


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